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When do we reach the point of no return?

Why isn't more effort being made to protect and promote editorial quality and utilise smarter ways of working?

At what point does Fairfax stop being a news organisation and merely become a commissioning agency that outsources everything it does?

In April/May this year, Fairfax announced plans to make at least 70 jobs redundant in production, life media and photography.

This plan included outsourcing almost all photographic to an outside agency and outsourcing life media writing to freelancers.

In response to this move, Fairfax editorial workers across Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle, Canberra and Wollongong walked out in protest. During this time Fairfax staff, alongside the Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance called for a fair go for Fairfax staff. We called on management to scale back thier redundancies and demanded that those receiving redundancies be given more certainty. 

Within 5 days from the beginning of the #FairGoFairfax campaign, 10,000 individuals had signed the #FairGoFairfax petition and left hundreds of messages of support on the petition page. 

Thanks to the support from the public and to the hard work of MEAA members, Fairfax management scaled back thier redundancy plans.

16-19 jobs were saved in total which equates to over $1.5million in spending on quality Australian journalism. Management also made a range of other concessions that gave those leaving the company more certainty.

The #FairGoFairfax campaign is far from over.

We are calling on the public to join with us in demanding that Fairfax management commit to a 'Quality Guarantee". 

We want those who grew up with The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, The Newcastle Herald and The Illawarra Mercury to tell Fairfax management that enough is enough.

It is time to stand up for the product that Fairfax is synonymous with: quality journalism. 


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