When do we reach the point of no return? 

Fairfax has a proud history of investing in independent journalism. It’s in everything the company does, even the slogan: ‘Independent. Always’.

That tradition is now under threat.

While Fairfax executives awarding themselves with millions in bonuses, they are demanding their staff take a pay cut.

Fairfax newsrooms are at breaking point – and slashing the pay of staff in real terms will be the final cut too far.

The reporters, photographers and other editorial staff remaining at Fairfax are working harder to fill the gap left by the waves of redundancies; and now they are being asked to do so for less.

Fairfax editorial staff regard Fairfax as a family, with all the responsibilities that go with being part of a family. The journalists of Fairfax have put their shoulder to the wheel for this company as they all confront the changes in the media industries.

The journalists have all made sacrifices. They have adapted to new technologies and new ways of working, and they have seen countless colleagues leave proud Fairfax careers behind them. They have done so because they believe that the work they do is important and they have pride in quality Fairfax journalism.

The time comes when we the public and the journalists of Fairfax have to ask the question:

When do we reach the point of no return?

This dispute is about a simple choice for Fairfax management:  Do they want this proud company to remain a home for quality journalism? Or do they want to take the low road to discount journalism?

The decision on journalists' pay will ultimately be decided by Fairfax executives under Greg Hywood's direction; this is a decision we ask Hywood to think about very carefully while he drives home in his recently purchased $140,000 blue Maserati Ghibli.

Greg Hywood, if you choose to take the low road it will be to your eternal shame.

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