MEAA members at Fairfax Media have voted to accept the latest offer from the company for a new enterprise bargaining agreement for editorial staff employed on the company’s Metro Daily mastheads (including WA Today and the Brisbane Times).

At the same time journalists condemned the recent actions of management of rewarding themselves with multi-million dollar bonuses. These actions are in stark contrast to the preparedness of MEAA members to accept a sub-inflation pay rise in order to protect the long-term viability of the company.

It is clear who has the best interests of Fairfax and its readers at heart.  

The final offer includes a 2% pay rise each year for the next two years, no loss of conditions and an improved commitment from management to consult with staff. 

The win for MEAA members came after they campaigned vigorously against the company’s ideologically-driven position of no guaranteed pay rises for three years coupled with deep cuts to entitlements – changes that would particularly affect young and female journalists.

MEAA members responded with an effective and unified campaign – Fair Go Fairfax! – that included strike action at all newspapers. The campaign received strong support from Fairfax readers and the public.

At today’s stop-work meetings in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Newcastle and Wollongong, MEAA members also voted to suspend the campaign’s protected industrial action while negotiations continue on other areas of the enterprise agreement.

In accepting the offer, MEAA members passed the following resolution:

Fairfax members accept the company’s offer on wages for a new two year EBA and agree to a suspension of industrial action.

We condemn the reckless greed demonstrated in recent weeks by senior management, the top four of whom awarded themselves a $2.4 million pay rise – more than a cost of living wage rise for our entire staff. In contrast, our unity and restraint demonstrates our concern for the future of Fairfax, not a new sports car.

We note discussions are continuing on other matters including overtime, exemptions and formal consultation provisions. We direct the national negotiators to pursue those improvements and report back again to meetings of members with a final agreement for our consideration.

MEAA thanks readers and members of the public for their strong support during the Fair Go Fairfax campaign.

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